Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Christina Aguilera is in London promoting her new album, Back to Basics, I already can't wait to get it. I've always liked Etta James, and she is very much one of her main influences on this upcoming CD.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Im just really glad they got married, and I really care!
Congrats Deryck&Avril Whibley!

Pam Anderson was in St. Tropez on July 12, she seems to be leading a pack of hungry fans. I love her protruding nipples, and she is wearing a bra... damn. Purple is her color. Whats up with that look on her face? I think she is reacting to her finger stuck in that bigness of hair she is sporting. Props to you homegirl for that quilted Chanel bag. Loves it!

So these two new movies, The Illusionist (Aug. 18, 2006) and The Prestige (Date Unknown), look to be very intresting. The Illusionist stars Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti, and Jessica Biel in turn-of-the-century Vienna, a magician (Norton) uses his abilities to secure the love of a woman far above his social standingin. View Trailer: The Prestige stars Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Michael Caine, and Scarlett Johansson in a film based on Christopher Priest's 1996 novel, Bale and Jackman play rival magicians in turn-of-the-century London who battle each other for trade secrets. The rivalry is so intense that it turns them into murderers. View Trailer:

The Illusionist movie promos/stills:

The Prestige movie promos/stills:

Jessica Alba has been getting tons of movie offers lately, I guess hosting the MTV Movie Awards has its perks. A movie she did with Hayden Christensen titled, Awake, is due out in September. Right now she is filling Lindsay Lohan's shoes in a role for the movie, Bill, the redhead supposedly turned it down because the director was not well known. Hmmm. Bill is about a man fed up with his job who finds his wife in bed with a local news anchor. He regains a lost sense of self by mentoring an unruly teen and finds inspiration in an intriguing young saleswoman. I think she plays the 'young saleswoman.' She is going to begin filming the romantic comedy, Good Luck Chuck alongside comedian and Jessica Simpson rumored beau Dane Cook, this coming week. She is rumored to be joining the movie, The Eye. The film is a remake of the Hong Kong film "Jian Gui", a woman who receives an eye transplant that allows her to see into the supernatural world. Renee Zellweger was in talks for that part. As I had mentioned earlier she will be in The Ten with Adam Brody. The film is about ten stories, each inspired by one of the ten commandments. Amanda Peet and Justin Theroux are casted as well. Along with that she is slated to be in sequels to Fantastic 4 and Sin City, the two films that made her a sex symbol.

Jessica on the set of 'Bill' with co stars Aaron Eckhart, and Logan Lerman (WB'S Jack and Bobby, check out his MySpace:
Lindsay Lohan is doing many things at once. She is wanting to become a fashion store owner along with a movie and singing career and now author. According to the latest rumors she is planning on writting a book about herself titled, Narcissist. The book is said to include many sexy pictures of the triple threat. "It’s my body," Lohan said. "And I like my body. I think a woman’s body is so much more sensual than a man’s. I’m not saying strip off all your clothes, but there are certain photos I like people taking of me, where I’m comfortable. And as long as it’s tasteful, why not?" Please strip for us Lindsay.

Spends her birthday week at the beach!

Kirsten Dunst is said to be dating SNL alum, Andy Samberg. This has been an on-going rumor for quite sometime. Supposedly they've had continuous rendevouz in NY during her recent stay while filming Spider-Man 3. I think they make a cute couple. Kirsten recently didn't get exactly good feed back from her upcoming flick, Marie Antoinette. The film is out on Oct. 20, 2006.

Marie Antoinette poster.

Kirsten on the set of Spider-Man 3.

Rumored boyfriend, Andy Samberg.
Jamie Lynn Spears has a boyfriend! I think I remember seeing him as her prom date. He seems like a harmless down to earth guy. She is definately not headed in her sister's footsteps. Britney Spears is gracing the cover of my favorite magazine, Harper's Bazaar next month, pregnant and all. The issue comes out July 25!

Jamie and unknown boyfriend.

Beyonce "Deja Vu", I'm loving this song. The video is great!

Lindsay Lohan is going to have a blow job scene in her upcoming movie Georgia Rule co staring Jane Fonda, and Felicity Huffman. She has been begging for an Oscar as of lately, mentioning to magazines that it's her dream. Could this be it? I'm still awaiting to see her 2 upcoming films, Bobby, and Chapter 27. She shoulda really sucked it!!!! The guy looks bored.

Mmmm tasty.
MK Olsen is doing big things wearing some nice knee-length boots running erands around Culver City, Ca. As always fashion forward Olsen makes me feel undecisive about her outfit. I don't know if many of you remeber her previous disaster at an event supporting the twin's proteges Suite Life: with Zach and Cody stars, Cole (left) and Dylan Sprouse, wearing a head band that resembled Pocahontas.

MK makes me undecisive.

Eva Longoria was shut out of Emmy nods this year... again? Well, all the Housewives were. They begin shooting the new season in the coming weeks. Season 2 will be released on DVD on August 29. Eva Longoria showed up to the LA premiere of The Groomsmen on Wednesday. Her arm looks a little wierd, but those boobs look amazing!

Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody have been name 'The Cutest Couple' by many magazine and entertainment blogs as of lately. Who could blame them... they are! Rachel Bilson is starring in The Last Kiss later this year with Zach Braff. Adam Brody is going to begin shooting The Ten along side Jessica Alba. They are both to begin shooting the new season of The O.C.

'The Cutest Couple' hanging out on July 12.
Kate Bosworth has been getting alot of press lately due to her small waist. Bosworth has definately "shrunk" since her Blue Crush days. She showed up at the UK Premeire of Superman Returns in a sexy backless Gucci dress. By her side was sexy Superman himself. She declines any type of battle between her and boyfriend Orlando Bloom star of the mega hit Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest at the box office saying, "We're just very equally supportive of each other." Well good Kate.

Kate Bosworth in a backless Gucci dress.

Kate Bosworth and co-star Brandon Routh at the UK Premiere of Superman Returns
On Thursday, July 13, everyone came out to support Prada Waist Down-Skirts art installation in Beverly Hills. All of Paris' enemies (Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, Mary-Kate Olsen) where there, including Ms. Hilton herself along with stylist Kim Kardishian. Recently, Paris and Nicole signed on for another season of 'The Simple Life.' The rest of Hollywood made appearances as well, Eva Mendez, Rebecca Romijn, and Angie Harmon(?)... cool.

All in Prada: Lindsay Lohan, Eva Mendez, and Nicole Richie.

Looking great as always Nicole Richie.

MK looks okay.