Saturday, July 15, 2006

Jessica Alba has been getting tons of movie offers lately, I guess hosting the MTV Movie Awards has its perks. A movie she did with Hayden Christensen titled, Awake, is due out in September. Right now she is filling Lindsay Lohan's shoes in a role for the movie, Bill, the redhead supposedly turned it down because the director was not well known. Hmmm. Bill is about a man fed up with his job who finds his wife in bed with a local news anchor. He regains a lost sense of self by mentoring an unruly teen and finds inspiration in an intriguing young saleswoman. I think she plays the 'young saleswoman.' She is going to begin filming the romantic comedy, Good Luck Chuck alongside comedian and Jessica Simpson rumored beau Dane Cook, this coming week. She is rumored to be joining the movie, The Eye. The film is a remake of the Hong Kong film "Jian Gui", a woman who receives an eye transplant that allows her to see into the supernatural world. Renee Zellweger was in talks for that part. As I had mentioned earlier she will be in The Ten with Adam Brody. The film is about ten stories, each inspired by one of the ten commandments. Amanda Peet and Justin Theroux are casted as well. Along with that she is slated to be in sequels to Fantastic 4 and Sin City, the two films that made her a sex symbol.

Jessica on the set of 'Bill' with co stars Aaron Eckhart, and Logan Lerman (WB'S Jack and Bobby, check out his MySpace:


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